Who Should Participate?


Promote your destination, services or your cause:

  • National Tourism Organisations

  • State Tourism Organisations

  • Non-Government Organisations for Tourism related to conservation, youth, women, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, community development, poverty alleviation and climate change

  • Accommodation Providers

  • Tour Service Providers

  • Green Technology Providers

If you are a green tourism consultancy organisation, operator, manufacturer or service provider, this exhibition is the ideal platform to promote your business to a targetted group of audience comprising of Government officials, private sector entrepreneurs, NGOs and academia who are continuously seeking innovate programmes, products and services leading to responsible and sustainable tourism.

  • Eco tourism entrepreneurs and operators

  • Environmental research consultancies

  • Water treatment equipment & products

  • Recycling companies

  • Solid waste management companies

  • Energy conservation products and services

  • Natural and organic food

  • Green travel products and equipment

  • Disaster management companies

  • Green certification and accreditation organisations

  • Green tourism consultancies

  • Eco-friendly vehicles, boats and machinery

  • Bio-degradable food packaging and utensils

  • Tourism institutions and colleges

  • Solar related equipment and products

  • Wind generated energy equipment and products

  • Eco-friendly construction materials

  • Thermal related energy producing equipment

  • Machinery and equipment for production of eco-friendly products and handicrafts

Promote your green initiatives in tourism ....


Sustainability and green issues in tourism are now very much mainstream, with governments, businesses and individuals all involved. Green tourism is a phrase that is not a strict definition as such, but overall green tourism is about being an tourists who are environmentally responsible as well as businesses which are providing environmentally friendly tourist facilities and services.


The idea of green tourism means you should be thinking about what happens when you get there. It is important to respect the environment not only where we live but in those places to which we travel.


As well as considering the impact of the individual tourists on the local and global environment, green tourism should also cover all facilities and services on offer to tourists and how they can effect the environment.


Supporting sustainable tourism leaves positive impacts such as

  • Benefits the environment by conserving resources

  • Reduces waste

  • Reduces costs through efficiencies and staff awareness

  • Fulfils customers expectations of businesses to look after their environment

  • Attracts new customers

  • Offers business customers in particular green certified suppliers they are increasingly demanding

  • Improves your public image

  • Improves the customer experience

  • Improves the quality of the service you provide

  • Benefits the local community

  • Supports the local economy

  • Reduces congestion and pollution

  • Enhances the natural environment




01. Kamu Lodge

02. La Folie Lodge Done Deng

03. Exotissimo Travel Laos

04. Viengchampa Travel

05. Elephant Advantures - ELEFANTASIA

06. Green Discovery

07. Natural Travel & Tour Co Ltd

08. Lao Youth Travel

09. Shaymaithong Travel

10. Madsthanne.com Lao Handicraft

11. Buffalo Tours

12. Sunlabob

13. Leuxay Travel Service

14. Indocruise Co., Ltd & Luang Say Co., Ltd

15. Lao Handicraft Association 

16. The Grand Luangprabang Hotel and Resort

17. Vansana Travel and Tours

18. Bloom-ing Tour

19. Fawatthana Tour C., Ltd

20. Wildlife Conservation Society

21. Luangprabang Travel Agent Association

22. Natural Color Handicraft from HP

23. Lao Cotton State Enterprise

24. Chaluern Travel Co., Ltd

25. Rivertime Resort and Ecologe

26. Indonesian Embassy

27. True Coffee

28. Phaengmai Handicraft

29. Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office

30. Mekong Discovery Trail

31. Ock pop Tok Textile Gallery Tours

32. Tiger Trails Tours

33. UNESCO Cultural Heritage Training

34. GTZ Philippines

35. Eaksana Handicraft and Silver

36. Maikham

37. MK Tour

38. Lao Association of Travel Agents (LATA)

39. Southern Breeze Co., Ltd

40. Napakuang Travel and Resort

41. Dao Hueng Coffee

42. Kobchaider

43. ANZ Bank

44. ETL

45. Vietnam Airlines

46. Champa Spa

47. Tourism Malaysia

48. Tourism Malaysia

49. Tourism Malaysia

50. Tourism Malaysia

51. Lao Handicraft Association

52. Houa Phanh Handicraft Associations

53. Phanla Handicraft

54. Lao Airlines

55. Sinouk Coffee

56. Phoupadeang Resort

57. Lao National Tourism Administration

58. Champassack Provincial Tourism Department

59. Luang Namtha Provincial Tourism Department

60. Savannakhet Provincial Tourism Department

61. Oudomxay Provincial Tourism Department

62. Bokeo Provincial Tourism Department

63. Sayabouly Provincial Tourism Department

64. Houaphanh Provincial Tourism Department

65. Vientiane Provincial Tourism Department

66. Salavanh Provincial Tourism Office

67. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

68. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

69. Cambodia Community Based Ecotourism Network (CCBEN)


Last update 24th June 2009


Register HERE for a booth (only USD300)

Book now to avoid disappointment. Very limited booths left.


Enquiries: exhibition@discoverymice.com or call +603-42574688



Exhibition Floor Layout:

30 booths in the Grand Ballroom (Level 2) and 80 booths on Level 1.

There will be a section for international participants and another section for domestic participants. 


Booth Specifications:

3 metres x 3 metres constructed of bio-degradable natural materials. Each booth will have the participating organisation's name on the fascia board. Each booth will have a table, 2 chairs and overhead track lighting.



13th July 2009

08:00 17:00

Booth Construction

14th July 2009

08:00 20:00

Booth Set Up for participants



Exhibition opens for WEC2009 delegates

15th to 17th 2009

08:00 - 18:00

Exhibition in Progress

18th July 2009

09:00 to 18:00

Exhibition opens for general public. Includes concerts, games, fashion show and prizes give away.


18:30 20:00

Booth Tear Down



International Participants: USD$300 (Malaysian Ringgit RM1155) per booth


Booking & Payment Deadline:

Bookings with payments to be submitted on or before 30th May 2009. Late bookings subject to availability and late charges of USD$100 per booth. No bookings will be accepted after 30th June 2009.


Terms and Conditions:

1) Exhibits

Products and services displayed/offered in the Exhibition must be related to green tourism only. The Organisers reserve the right to reject or vacate any booths if the products/services/conduct of the exhibitor is found to be detrimental to the well-being and integrity of the Exhibition. No refunds whatsoever will be made for any contravention of Exhibition rules and regulations.


2) Booking of booths

Bookings for booths are made on a prescribed application form to the Organising Committee on or before 30th May 2009 (without late charges) and thereafter not later 30th June 2009 (with late charges). Bookings are subject to availability, prevailing payment of charges and approval of the application by the Committee.


3) Manning of booths

All booths must be manned at all times when the Exhibition is open. For international booths, exhibitors are required to have English-speaking personnel to man the booths. A maximum of 3 personnel are allowed to man each booth.


4) Exhibitor Badges

Each booth is allocated a maximum of 3 exhibitor badges only. Exhibitor badges are allowed to enter the Exhibition area but NOT the main Conference Hall. Exhibitors are NOT PERMITTED to attend the Conference. To attend the Conference, a registration fee is payable. Click here to register to attend the Conference.


For enquiries and application forms, please email to: exhibition@discoverymice.com


  Engaging in Lao PDR's Ecotourism Initiatives

LNTA-ADB Mekong Tourism Development Project:

With financing from the Asian Development Bank, the Lao government is developing 20 new community-based ecotourism products in Luang Namtha, Luang Prabang, Khammouane and Champassak provinces. This project is fostering collaborative links with tourism partners in Vietnam and Cambodia, promoting cultural and environmental protection, constructing tourism-related infrastructure, strengthening local stakeholders' management capacity and the role of women and ethnic minorities in the tourism industry, and intensifying public and private sector efforts at marketing and promoting Lao ecotourism products. 

UNESCO-LNTA Nam Ha Ecotourism Project:

First launched in 1999 with primary financial support from the Government of New Zealand, the UNESCO-LNTA Nam Ha Ecotourism Project is the first and longest running community-based ecotourism program in Laos . The Nam Ha Project is currently working to strengthen conservation-ecotourism linkages in the Nam Ha NPA, stimulate and support private sector investment in the ecotourism sector, strengthen the capacity of tourism and protected area managers in Luang Namtha and working with local partners to create district and provincial tourism management plans to ensure sustainability and equitable distribution of tourism's benefits. For the project's contribution to poverty alleviation and heritage protection in Lao PDR, the Nam Ha Project Team was awarded the 2001 United Nations Development Award and a British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award in 2002.  

CUSO Community Based Ecotourism Development in Attapeu Province:

CUSO is working with the Provincial Tourism Authority to develop various ecotourism initiatives in the region. This includes homestay programs, eco-trekking with local guides to Dong Ampham and Xepian National Protected Areas and village visits to ethnic Lavae, Taliang, Oy and Alak groups. The focus of this program is job creation, capacity building and eco-cultural conservation through the use of sustainable ecotourism strategies.  

SNV-Lao National Ecotourism Advisory Program:

SNV's (Netherlands Development Organization) work in the Lao tourism sector benefits from some fifteen year's experience in almost 20 developing countries. In Laos, SNV delivers advice on policy, strategy, management and product development issues to a range of clients. At the national level these include the Lao National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's Division of Forestry Resources. At the provincial level, SNV works with the Mekong Tourism Development Project in Luang Prabang and Khammouane, and has recently initiated a sustainable tourism program in Houaphan Province. Savannakhet is also one of the provinces that receive direct advisory services from SNV. 

Savannakhet Ecotourism Program:

The Savannakhet Ecotourism Program has a number of operational community-based ecotourism tours that venture into the Phou Xang Hae and Dong Phou Vieng Protected Areas, as well as a shorter excursion to the sacred Dong Na Tad forest just outside Savannakhet town. To book a tour online, contact the Savannakhet Ecoguides. SNV is working with the Provincial Tourism Office and local guide service to build capacity and develop new ecotourism products and services. 

DED Ecotourism Program in Phou Khao Kouay:

Besides trekking, river trips, village home-stays and handicraft exhibitions, the DED (German Development Service) Ecotourism Program in Phou Khao Khouay has recently finished construction of Laos' first wild elephant observatory, where you  see wild elephants frolic in a watering hole/mineral lick beneath you. The focus of this program is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting a local herd of  wilds elephants and provide villagers with alternative sources of income by generating ecotourism revenue. The site is only about 1 hour from Vientiane.

GTZ Ecotourism Program in Muang Sing:

GTZ and the tour operator Exotissimo are working together in this innovative Public Private Partnership project with Akha communities in Luang Namtha to create a community owned and operated ecotourism program, which includes village lodges, eco-cultural trekking tours and village home stays. The program aims to provide an intimate look into the life of the AKha in the forest, in the fields and in the village. The project has refurbished a historic building in Muang Sing that now serves as a tourist information center as well.

EU Ecotourism Program in Vieng Phoukha:

Part of the EU's wider rural development project in Luang Namtha's Vieng Phoukha District, this ecotourism program focuses on poverty alleviation and job creation by training local guides and villagers to develop and operate ecotourism products that sustainably utilize and protect the area's unique cultural and natural heritage. Multiple day treks operate regularly in the Nam Ha National Protected Area, where you can see the rare Black-Cheeked Crested Gibbon and Guar. If you are interested in caves Vieng Phoukha has a variety of easily accessible but little known caves, all under the careful management of local villagers.

DED Ecotourism Advisory Program in Oudomxai:

DED is working with the Oudomxai Provincial Tourism Office to help develop ecotourism products and services around the expanding tourist hub of Pakbeng and the provincial capital, including the Nam Kat Waterfall. The program is also concentrating on the Nam Chat Provincial Protected Area, an area with untouched old growth forests and remarkable waterfalls.

Wildlife Conservation Society Laos Ecotourism Support Program:

WCS is supporting the Nam Ha Protected Area Management Unit to work with local trekking and rafting guides to monitor and evaluate impacts on biodiversity conservation along established tourism routes in Luang Namtha. WCS is also working on formulating a strategy to use ecotourism to help strengthen biodiversity conservation and protected area management in Bolikhamxay's Nam Kading National Protected Area.

WWF Ecotourism Program in Champassak:

World Wildlife Fund is starting a community-based ecotourism project to support the protection of cultural heritage and biodiversity in and around the Xe Pian National Protected Area, which runs through Laos ' southern provinces of Champassak and Attapeu.

Trekking in Pongsali's Nam Lan Conservation Area:

With initial support from the EU, local guides and communities in Bountai district have set up 1- 3 day treks in and around the Nam Lan Conservation area in Pongsali Province. These treks visit Akha and other ethnic minority communities and offer excellent opportunities to see a number of resident and migratory birds.

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