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How to Submit Your Idea

Your input will be invaluable in assisting WEC2009 and speakers to discuss on areas of critical concern and challenges in relation to "New Paradigms and Resilience for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Developing Countries". Here is how to make your ideas heard:

  • Prepare a white paper (no more than 12 pages in single spacing) describing the magnitude of the tourism related problem and the challenges (situational analysis) associated with an area of critical concern. An area of critical concern means an area that justifies public and private sector attention because the magnitude of the problem is large and the challenges that need to be overcome are not being addressed, but could be addressed through public – private sector collaboration and cooperation.

  • State clearly the paradigm shift, research, technological innovation or concerted global action that could achieve transformational results within a specified timeframe.

  • Discuss how the proposed idea meets three key factors and address as many of the points as possible

    • Sustainability

    • Responsibility

    • Capability

  • Reviewers can recommend that the submission be accepted as is, rejected, accepted pending various changes, or re-submitted once the author(s) has addressed various comments or criticisms. Final decisions to accept a submission shall be made by the Conference Convenor. One of the reviewers’ responsibilities shall be to help ensure that the submission is sufficiently original and that previous articles and reports in the field are appropriately cited.

  • No honorarium is offered for any of the White Papers selected for publication. The published White Papers shall be deemed as the Author's contribution to    

Send us your thoughts. Only original authors may submit for the Call for White Papers.

  • Include a Title Page clearly marked WHITE PAPER FOR WEC2009 with the following information:

  • White Paper Idea Title: (Please limit title to 90 characters only)

  • Name and CV of Author(s)

  • Name & Details of Submitting Organization:

  • Contributing Organizations: Contact name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address for all contributing organizations.

  • Key words: (90 character limit)

  • Length of White Paper (no more than 12 pages in single spacing)

  • Submissions will only be accepted electronically via Email either in MS Word Doc or PDF format

  • Submission deadline: 31st May 2009

    Email to


Initial Setup (For 8½" x 11" paper). Please set up your word processor to these initial settings. Your paper should follow these formatting styles listed below.

  • Base Font: 12pt Times Roman

  • Line Height: Auto

  • Line Space: Single

  • Margins: Bottom: 1" (Note: do NOT page number)

  • All Others: .75"

  • Justification: Full

See a sample white paper:  by Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)

More reading on How to write a White Paper:


General Notes

We intend to share white papers broadly with the ecotourism fraternity; therefore, white papers MUST NOT contain proprietary information. To ensure that WEC2009/Discoverymice Sdn Bhd has the legal rights to make the papers available through its Web site, the Author agrees to declare that the content is free from copyright infringement and agrees to assign to WEC2009/Discoverymice Sdn Bhd copyrights (and all rights subsumed thereunder) for the material the Author has presented to WEC2009/Discoverymice Sdn Bhd for publication.


Grant of Copyright Use

The Author warrants that the submitted work has not been previously published elsewhere, or if it has, that the author has obtained permission for its publication by WEC2009/Discoverymice Sdn Bhd and that the author will promptly supply WEC2009/Discoverymice Sdn Bhd with wording for crediting the original publication and copyright owner.


If  the White Paper is selected for presentation, the author shall give WEC2009/Discoverymice Sdn Bhd permission to duplicate, record and redistribute the White Paper; for educational, on-line and all other purposes.


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