Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines!5th World Ecotourism Conference delegates

The 5th World Ecotourism Conference under the theme - "Marine and Coastal Ecotourism: Oceans of Uncertainties, Waves of Opportunities" provides a strategic podium for high level ecotourism experts, proponents, practitioners, stakeholders, legislators, educators and consultants to network and share among their peers their knowledge and experiences with coastal communities in developing nations.

Experts will address the challenges of developmental sustainability and natural vulnerabilities in coastal regions whereas marketing consultants will examine the critical factors in sustaining ecotourism as a viable income generating enterprise. ...

In Collaboration with UNWTO:

The annual World Ecotourism Conference held in collaboration with the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) is world's most important ecotourism conference in the ecotourism fraternity. The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), is a special agency of the United Nations.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to overwhelming response, online registration for Filipino delegates has been closed on 14 February 2014 at 5:00pm (GMT+8)


On 20th February 2014, 350 local and international tourism professionals, managers and administrators will set foot on the idyllic island of Cebu, Philippines for the 5th World Ecotourism Conference. Organised by the Philippine Department of Tourism, DISCOVERYMICE, an affiliate member of  UNWTO and in collaboration with the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), it is billed as the most important inter-governmental ecotourism conference for developing nations. The Opening Ceremony will be led by the Secretary of Tourism, the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Vice Governor of Cebu and Mayor of Cebu City.


In the aftermath of an earthquake and super storm late last year that disrupted the lives of coastal communities and businesses, H.E. Mr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of UNWTO, Mr David Scowsill, President/CEO of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and Mr Martin Craigs, President/CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), in support of the World Ecotourism Conference being the first major event held  after the calamities, will deliver their congratulatory remarks and solidarity messages to the people of Philippines.


The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Tourism will launch the National Ecotourism Strategy and Action Plan 2013 - 2022 in conjunction with the 5th World Ecotourism Conference and in the presence of over 200 leaders and captains of the Philippine tourism industry. It will set a new partnership and  beginning for the Philippines in driving sustainable management of its natural resources and for the benefit of local communities.


The theme of the Conference, "Marine and Coastal Ecotourism: Oceans of Uncertainties, Waves of Opportunities" will be expounded by three eminent keynote speakers who are world renowned experts in their own fields. They are Mr Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan, CEO/Vice President of Trustee Board, WWF, Philippines, a staunch conservation advocator , Mr. Firmansyah Rahim, Director General of Tourism Destination Development, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia, a veteran tourism destination specialist and planner for over 30 years as well as Dr Philip Dearden, from University of Victoria, Canada, a world renowned researcher in marine protected areas. 


In the evening, the Department of Tourism will throw a theme "White Party", that will be a fun-filled evening, dining and partying at the beautiful and elegant Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa at Mactan Island, Cebu. The Department of Tourism in true Filipino hospitality promises all international delegates that "It's more fun in the Philippines".


A panel of 20 eminent speakers and moderators will take the podium to expound and discuss pertinent issues as well as share their knowledge, experiences and visions in 4 session topics - "Coastal Areas and Communities: Mitigating Vulnerability through Sustainability"; "Destination Development: Socio-Economic Value Beyond Beaches", "Marine Protected Areas (MPA) for Ecotourism" and "Ecotourism Marketing: Critical Success Factors"


The most important ecotourism conference among developing nations for the betterment of community, economy and posterity ...

World Ecotourism Conference (WEC)

The World Ecotourism Conference is an ambitious initiative to bring global ecotourism players together to network, collaborate and share their experiences, best practices and technologies for the betterment of nature conservation, environment protection, preservation of communities and consequently the advancement of ecotourism around the world.

A key objective of WEC is to support host countries that are in need of a global platform and leverage to champion, position or support ecotourism policies and initiatives that will bring transformational changes for the betterment of their economies, people or environment. Each and every peer participant would be recognised for their collective intellectual and moral support to this not-for-profit common cause.

Aim of the Conference - Sustainable Solutions and Practices

The 5th World Ecotourism Conference - "Marine and Coastal Ecotourism: Oceans of Uncertainties, Waves of Opportunities" aims to bring together policy makers and stakeholders in island and coastal regions to network effectively and to find sustainable solutions for overall development of coastal regions and contribute to the sustainability of these areas.

Marine & Coastal Ecotourism - Sustainable Management and Marketing

Among the 55,000 islands in the oceans around the Asia and the Pacific region, there are many developing countries are turning to promote their marine, coastal and riverine natural resources for ecotourism. Instead of overexploiting marine resources, marine and coastal ecotourism provide excellent export opportunities for many developing countries especially small island state countries. Local governments are increasingly aware of the need to provide the necessary capacity building for local communities in conservation work and the business of ecotourism in order to ensure that the long term ecological sustainability of the natural resources and the financial sustainability of the business itself.

Promoting a sustainable model for marine and coastal ecotourism is in the interests of natural resource managers, environmentalists, tourism promotion agencies, and local communities who traditionally depend on the marine stock for their livelihood (Pinsky et al. 2005). If appropriate research, policies and strategies are embraced responsibly to balance the benefits between conservation, communities and commerce, sustainable activities for eco-tourists can be generated from marine resources instead of treating them solely as a food source.

20 February

Opening Ceremony

Session 1: Coastal Areas and Communities: Mitigating Vulnerability through Sustainability
Session 2: Destination Development: Socio-Economic Value Beyond Beaches.

21 February

Session 3: Marine Protected Areas (MPA) for Ecotourism
Session 4: Ecotourism Marketing: Critical Success Factors

22 February

Ecotourism technical tour to Bohol One of Philippines many model ecotourism destinations. Not to be missed!

Cebu awaits you!

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