Who would be attending?

Private Sector

(Tourism & Travel, Financial Services, Property Development, Meeting Planners, Professional Services, Construction, Environmental Management)

* Ecotourism professionals and practitioners, that is, people who in a variety of ways are involved, either full time or as part of their work, in ecotourism

* Ecotourism business owners

* Tour operators seeking new ideas for marketing and package development

* Entrepreneurs seeking non-traditional marketing tactics

* Owners, Operators, and Marketing Staff of Hotels, Resorts and Conference Centers

* Any Manager, executive or leader who subscribes to the belief that development comes with social responsibility

* Meeting Planners from the Public and Private Sectors

* Tourism and Eco-Tourism Representatives

* Environmental and Economic Development Agency Representatives

* Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, and Construction Companies

* Product Representatives and Consultants who work with the Tourism Industry


Public Sector

(National, State, Provincial, Local Government Units, Statutory Agencies)

* National, State, and Local Parks and Natural Resource Management Representatives

* Government officials seeking out new ideas for how to partner more effectively with ecotourism and adventure travel operators.

* Instructors, trainers, project officers, managers, and tourism authorities from the national and local governments, park and protected area services.


Academics and Researchers

(Public Administration, Public Health, Built Environment, Planning, Conservation, Environmental Science, Geographical Science, Tourism, Development Policy, Education Development, Economics, Sociology, Humanities, Fisheries, Maritime Law and Research, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Forestry, Meteorology, Oceanography, Zoology)

* Academics and ecotourism researchers who wish to share and partner with ecotourism practitioners and tour operators

* Scientists, Conservationists and Ecologists who care about the environment, nature and wildlife.

Civil Societies

* Officers of national and regional ecotourism associations as well as NGOs

* Host communities and indigenous peoples' groups .

* Social workers or community residents who wish to be inspired to create their own ecotourism companies.