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Malaysian Railway Network

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) or Malayan Railways Limited is the main rail operator in Peninsular Malaysia. The railway system dates back to the British colonial era, when it was first built to transport tin. The mainly single-track railway network with a total length of 1699 kilometres consists of two main lines, the West Coast Line and the East Coast Line and several branch lines.

KTM Intercity (Malay: KTM Antarabandar) is an intercity passenger railway service operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu within the regions of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. The service is intended to carry patrons between stops serving cities, town and village (depending on regions), its trains currently powered by diesel locomotives.

KTM Intercity services consist of local trains (known also as "mail trains") and express trains; lines along the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia currently support mostly express trains, while those along the East Coast include both mail train and express train services.

The Kelantan Homestay Experience

Ever wonder about life in a traditional Malay village, where you get to wake up to the sounds of the rooster or simply sit idyll by the river to fish? Or catch a glimpse of sturdy fishermen, up early by the break of dawn as they prepare to go to sea during the fishing season; eat the specialty nasi kerabu a coloured rice dish served with herbs, chillies, flaked fish and spices; or watch a gorgeous sunset by the paddy fields.

Then, you should go on the Kelantan Homestay Programme. There are about 161 homes from 8 different kampungs that have registered under the programme. All that meals and activities during the programme are simply Malaysian. There are many activities that you can partake during the programme, from cooking traditional food in a traditional house, experiencing rubber tapping, going to the fruit orchard, feeding the life stocks and many other village people activities.

A unique opportunity where visitors’ can see and experience up close a simple Malay village lifestyle in the state of Kelantan, located in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. Kelantan known as the cradle of Malay culture, has a significant high percentage of Malay population in the state. Though Kelantan has had its share of influences from neighbouring country, Thailand, it still retains a much part of its identity, unique Malay language, arts and crafts, cuisine, and pastimes.

This community-based homestay programme takes you right into the homes and lives of Kelantanese villagers, providing you with an unique opportunity to interact and learn  more of their rich, local culture. Get to experience first hand the daily life as a farmer, fisherman, batik maker, housewife, in the local village.

Be involved in the many activities awaiting you at the homestay village; seasonal fruit picking, rubber tapping, cooking traditional food, playing musical instruments, watch a cultural performance,  learn a traditional dance or song or even, be smitten by a mock wedding celebration. The facilities and activities offered in the homestay programme varies from host to host, but whichever place you stay in, warm up with the friendly villagers as they treat you as one of their family members. The villages taking part in the homestay programme have also gone through very strict guidelines from the Ministry of Tourism, to ensure that visitors’ enjoy the best of Malaysian hospitality.

For an unforgettable journey to experience the Kelantan homestay, take the Malaysia Rail Explorer train ride and experience a whole new journey through the rural landscape. As the Kelantanese like to say, ‘Seleke Mari Sini’ (Do, come visit us!)

Malaysian Homestay Programme

Homestay is a programme where you can live together with the host family that they have already choose in a different village that taken part in the programme.

There are many villages that are available in this programme including in Kelantan. You can experience a unique and different village environment since the first day they came to the village. By joining a simple Malay people in a simple but yet beautiful village, they will be experiencing something that they cannot even imagine.

The differences came in many forms either through the villages environment, scenery, cuisine, cultural heritage, outdoor pursuits, handicrafts and the most important is the people in the village. As every people was very committed to make this programme as your most valuable experiences, the village was given a strict guidelines from the Ministry of Tourism.


Kampung Batu Papan dates back to the 1940's. This settlement is located near Sungai Galas where it is the center of the daily activities of the villagers of the Kampung Batu Papan residents. There are about 12 families participating in the homestay programme...more


Kampung Seterpa is located 16 kilometers from Kota Bharu, capital of the Kelantan State and 1.5 kilometers from the Peringat town. Despite its proximity to the towns, it is still a peaceful village ...more


Kampung Renok Baru started the homestay programme on the year 2001. In 1999, the village won first place in the Anugerah Desa Cemerlang (Excellent Village Awards) Competition. There was 40 houses that involves in the homestay programmes in Kampung Renok Baru ...more


Kampung Pantai Suri is a tradisional fishing village located on an island at the estuary of Kelantan River near Tumpat. This village is so peace as it was full of wooden house, traditional fishing boats and the sea breeze that make the palm tree swing gracefully...more


Kampung Bukit Jering is located about 90 kilometers from Kota Bharu, Kelantan capital city. The village rich in Malay traditional customs and traditions is known for its friendly villagers and rich with agri-based crops like long beans, star fruit, and sliced tamarind. The village has been voted as “The Most Beautiful” in the year 2005. There are about 1,300 people in this village...more


The main attraction is experiencing a villager's  daily work and chores as a rubber tapper. Located about 45km from Jeli town, 70km from Kuala Krai town, 45km from Gua Musang and it encompasses three traditional villages with fruit orchards...more


Kampung Kubang Telaga Homestay is located about 40km from Kota Bharu. The village consists of 235 families of which all are Malays and Muslims. Almost 95% of them are farmers. There are 30 families sharing their homes with tourists ...more


The village was formed in the 1850's and was named after the Kemunchup grass which is found abundantly around the village ...more

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