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Foreign Correspondents Club

Comments by: Cathy&Gary


The FCC is in a three storey colonial style building and opened in the early nineties.
The club became famous for its bar and for the restaurant that looks out from its balcony on the second floor to one of the best views of the Tonle Sap.

It has always been popular as a meeting point for journalists, businessmen, politicians and academics from all over the world.
Over the years, the Club has grown by buying up neighboring shop houses and breaking through the walls to create seven large hotel style rooms in colonial style with beautiful modern bathrooms.

The FCC is minutes walk to the Royal Palace and a five min drive to Wat Phnom.

The menu is Asian & Western and their pizzas and sandwiches are great if you are after a change from the local food.
The Foreign Correspondents Club also has photo shows and exhibitions, plus there is a Bookshop and a delicatessen on the ground floor.

FCC is a bit more expensive than most places but it is worth it just to sit there with an cold drink and watch the world go by.

363 Sisowath Quay
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Restaurant/Bar : 855 23 724 014
Reservations : 855 23 210 142
Fax : 855 23 427 758

Russian Market

Comments by: Cathy&Gary


I really like the Russian Markets, though they can be very hot and stifling.

You can buy everything you can think of here and the best part is clothing is in western sizes. They also now have a huge selection of winter clothing, jackets, jeans etc.

This is the place to buy all your pirated software, movies and cds etc. They were all $2 a disc.

Wander in further and you will find all the material stalls, it’s a great selection and most of it is around $2 - $3 a metre. Go a bit further and you will find the tailors. I bought 6 metres of fabric for $8, and then paid $16 to have 2 dresses made. (Copied from a dress I took with me). Picked them up 3 days later and they were perfect!

My very favorite shop here is a jewellery shop called Mrs Muny's (she has a little stall opposite the small enclosed air-conditioned jewellery shop).

There’s no bargaining here, her prices are good to start with and she comes highly recommended from people who live in Phnom Penh.

I ended up having my ring made here and it’s beautiful, a thick gold band with 7 small diamonds set in it.
I paid US$250 for the ring (I have since had it valued at $1000 Australian.

I also bought a lovely blue topaz pendant for US$120 which has been valued at $300 Australian.
So I’m very happy with those purchases.

There’s also a great place to have an icy cold drink here, they make the best ice coffees and freshly squeezed orange juice in Phnom Penh.
The shop use to be inside at the back of the markets but has now moved to outside next to the small car park.

The Russian Markets now have armed security guards to keep the beggars etc away!

What to buy: DVD etc $2
Men’s Khmer Shirts $6
Ladies Khmer Shirts $3
T-Shirts (Diesel, Billabong etc) I bought 3 for $5
Scarves/Kramas $1
Wrap around skirt/pants $5
Jeans $5
Wooden Buddha (Large) $13
Large silk bedspreads/tablecloths $6
Angkor Watt Car Shades $3
Material $2 - $3 metre
Singlet’s $2.50


Sisowath Quay (Riverfront) by the Tonle Sap River

Comments by: picek


Favorite thing: I liked sitting here in the evenings every day. I went out by myself or not, sat down and watched river of people in all moods and shapes moving here, selling something or talking. This is like center of activites here in Phnom Penh. On the large lawn families and friends would lay mats and have picnic and drink when I first visited Phnom Penh - very lively then, but the things were different next couple of years on my returns (no more mats and families on the grasses, well, prehaps they prohibited them so that grass stays nice).

Fondest memory: There is always something going on... if there is festival, women sit with white lotus flowers to sell, or caged birds which you can release if you pay (and they will be caught later), there are loads of snacks on the stalls to buy, and other men, children get close to you to sell you a drink or another kind of snack, and beggar come to ask for money. It all happens here. On the other corner of the lawn ladies come out for regular exercise. Sometimes someone go to swim in the river behind, but there can be as well lots of trash on the bank and rats will be many.

You can easily find someone local to talk to - well, most likely they approach you to practice English.

This is Phnom Penh's riverfront promenade.