Getting Around Phnom Penh




Although Phnom Penh's traffic is getting busier and more congested especially during the peak morning and evening hours, you can still move around Phnom Penh quite easily, travelling between tourist spots within 10 to 15 mins by car.



Tuk-tuks are similar to the ones in Thailand, with a trailer carriage at the back. There are plenty everywhere, outside hotels, restaurants and tourists spots. For tourists, it can be between US$2 - US$3 for short rides (locals will just pay US$1) and between US$10 - US$15 for a whole day. Of course you have to bargain hard and the price usually varies depending on the number of passengers and the place where you flagged the tuk-tuk. There have been cases of snatch thefts from tuk-tuk so make sure your bags are not exposed and never leave your bags inside the tuk-tuk unattended.

Name of Tuk Tuk Driver: Mr Terry

No. +855 16-647 864 ; +855 12-828 945

(If you are using a local telephone SIM card, replace the country code '855' with '0'.


Motodup (Motorcycle taxi) and Cyclos

They are everywhere and for just US$6 - US$8 a day, they can get you anywhere within the city. This makes Phnom Penh quite accessible. if the vehicle looks old or not so road-worthy, don't take the risk as there have been accidents before. Again, be very careful with your bags!


Bus services have not been commissioned yet in Phnom Penh.

Public Taxis

More common are unmarked, unmetered taxis, usually Camrys, which can be arranged through your hotel or travel agent and can also be found waiting outside major hotels. Taxi/car with driver costs $30-$35/day. Short jaunts around town run a minimum $5-$6.

Phnom Penh Taxi Website : | Email : | Telephone : +855 12 556476


Phnom Penh Taxi Driver Website :, | Email : | Telephone : +855 16 886544


Taxi Vantha

Website : | Email : | Telephone : +855 23 933433, +855 12 855000


Global Taxi

Phnom Penh’s first and only meter taxi service. 4000R at flagfall for first 2km then 400R/km. On-call 24/7. Tel: +855 11-311888, +855 92-889962

Choice Taxi

Meter taxi service. Available 24/7. Tel: +855 23-888023, +855 10-888010

Cars with driver:


Cambodia Driver Website : | Email : | Telephone : +855 12 778368, +855 16 639852


Phnom Penh Driver Website : | Email : | Telephone: +855 12 827215, +855 92 559807



Royal Cambodian Limousine Service Travel in style. Luxury limousines with chauffer for chauffer service, business and leisure.

Phnom Penh office: #246, Monivong Blvd., Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Duan Penh, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Tel: +(855) (0)23-218808, +(855) (0)77-218809


Siem Reap office: #558, Mondol 1, 2nd Floor, Khm Sva Dangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia Tel: +(855) (0)77-218809, +(855) (0)63-768808


Motorcycle Rental

For US$5 - US$9 a day, you can rent a motorcycle of between 100cc to 250cc. The traffic can be a bit chaotic and challenging to some especially during the peak hours. One has to be extremely careful as there are limited medical services available..

Bicycle Rental and Tours

Bicycle rentals are usually available in some guesthouses and provided as a service for their guests.