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The Ministry of Tourism is pleased to collaborate with UNWTO and DISCOVERYMICE to deliver yet another productive platform for global ecotourism leaders to share, learn and network.

Our proposed sustainable and responsible development of the Phnom Penh-Sihanouk Ville Ecotourism Corridor will provide a wide range of experiences from National Parks to pristine nature reserves ... "

Dr Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism


Video Message



I wish to commend Cambodia, the host of the 3rd World Ecotourism Conference for taking concrete steps to protect its rich natural and cultural resources in many eco-sensitive areas and embracing community-based ecotourism as a viable economic activity in rural areas.



While the first two conferences laid the foundation, this 3rd edition aims at defining a common framework for the development of an ecotourism roadmap for developing countries.

I am confident that the deliberations and discussions of the 3rd World Ecotourism Conference will contribute to strengthening the commitment of all stakeholders to the development and management of ecotourism.


Dr Taleb Rifai, Sec-Gen, UNWTO 



I am inviting you to join us as we begin

the process to determine the directions 
for the future of ecotourism in Asia. 

This is not an obligation but an opportunity for you can make a difference by contributing and sharing your knowledge and experiences, and helping us in identifying the pivotal challenges, setting our priorities and generating the benefits that this annual World Ecotourism Conference can bring to the industry and society in general.


I look forward to meeting you at the 3rd World Ecotourism Conference and I thank you for contributing as well as helping to chart the future of ecotourism in Asia.


Lee Choon Loong,WEC2010 Convenor



"Asia will dominate global tourism in future": UNWTO

"World tourism staged a remarkable recovery from the shock it suffered in 2008 and 2009 due to the global economic downturn and primarily the emerging Asian nations were the engine for the rebound. The Asian region will continue to lead the global tourism growth in the coming years, with major emerging economies like China and India consolidating their position as the driving force behind it", according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

Based on UNWTO statistics, International tourist arrivals in Asia and the Pacific reached a historic high of 204 million in 2010, some 24 million more than in 2009 and 20 million above the pre-crisis peak of 2008. The region's 13% growth in 2010 was double the world average and, following a modest 2% decline in 2009 despite the global economic downturn, confirms Asia as the world's strongest growing region over the past 2 years.

The impressive growth has been attributed to:

Resurgence in economic growth and international trade in particular intra-regional trade 

Rising middle-class incomes

Easing in travel restrictions and visa requirements

Expansion of aviation access and air capacity across the region


The Conference will explore the future of ecotourism & discuss the synergies between socio-economic development and nature conservation and aligning policies towards nation building and wealth creation. They will deliberate on mainstreaming ecotourism and deliberate on cross financing ideas as well as debate on the balance between ecological sustainability and economic accountability.

The commercialisation of ecotourism to achieve economic viability and financial returns with low ecological impact will also be debated. The conference will also help to feature destinations and eco-products in many tour operator programs and networks internationally.

KEYNOTES - Charting the Future of Ecotourism in Asia


SESSION 1 - Sustainable Tourism & Roadmaps

(empowering policy makers, public sector administrators, academicians, NGOs etc)

Sustainable ecotourism embraces guidelines and criteria that seek to reduce environmental impacts; use of renewable resources, use of measurable benchmarks, enforcing the power of place and localisation, mainstreaming ecotourism and to improve tourism's contribution to sustainable development, environmental conservation and nation building. Are we doing it right and where are we heading?

SESSION 2 - Market Development & Marketing Value Chain

(empowering entrepreneurs, eco-tour operators, NGOs, ecolodge owners etc)

Developing regional and domestic markets in ecotourism, learning from leaders in destination positioning, e-marketing, embracing social media and developing virtual communities, exploring successful branding of destinations, evaluating accreditations and mandating green certification for local authorities and industry players. Is galvanising the power of internet and social networking the solution to ecotourism marketing?

SESSION 3 - Local Community Challenges & Success Stories

(empowering ecolodge and eco-tour operators, public sector administrators, NGOs etc)

Reduce tourism negative impacts of tourism and to increase the positive contribution of tourism business and consumption activity in remote and rural areas, to encourage community based tourism cooperatives and to move ecotourism experiences up the value chain and to provide the necessary capacity building to develop successful local enterprises that meets sustainable tourism objectives.

SESSION 4 - Public-Private-People Partnerships

(empowering public sector administrators, entrepreneurs, NGOs, communities etc)

Successful recipes for sustainable collaboration, working towards partnerships and sharing resources, justifying public funding for rural development and value management of developmental policies, narrowing urban-rural economic divide, to inculcate united and caring societies through tourism, contributing to sustainable distribution of wealth and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of ecotourism sites.

How to survive your small scale ecotourism business?

This is a serious seminar for ecotourism entrepreneurs, whether you are just starting up a small ecotourism venture, elevating your nature-based tourism business to ecotourism or "greening" your hotel. Do you know that an eco-tour operator business model is more technical than a mass tourism operator's and an eco-lodge operator needs to market more than just rooms.

Thinking out of the box is imperative. It boils down to finding the right partners be it to fund your project, to provide technical expertise or to market a ecotourism product. The business risks are high but understanding the dynamics of the eco-tourists' buying behaviour and booking process helps to build relationships, strengthen product development, diversify products and generate forward business. The new business of ecotourism involves social media channels, energy and communications technology, skilled and talented employees, creative financing and a deep passion for nature, environment and communities.

Find out more from the successful entrepreneurs and operators in this enlightening and dynamic business seminar.  

Find out at WEC2011

How to disaster-proof your ecolodge and make sense? - Mr Masaru Takayama, Executive Director of Japan Ecolodge Association.

How to market ecotourism? - Mr Nick Ray, Lonely Planet Author and Company Advisor, Hanuman Tourism, Cambodia


 Do you want to present your business solution ?

Submission - Last call!   

(This seminar held in parallel with the Plenary Session and Research Symposium is fully sponsored by the private sector. Presenters are established practitioners who have gone through the mill and now shares their personal knowledge and experiences with you so that you will avoid the pitfalls and improves your chances of success. This seminar will benefit investors, operators and entrepreneurs in the ecotourism industry.)

Your presence at the most important ecotourism market place makes all the difference ...

For buyers of ecotourism, nature and adventure products, ENAM 2011 is THE place to be!


The Ecotourism, Nature and Adventure Mart 2011 held in conjunction with the Conference will aim to commercialise ecotourism via eco-travel packages which include nature appreciation, adventure activities, outdoor sports, ecological treks, bird watching, indigenous communities, home-stay, natural science tours, scuba diving etc.

For selected buyers and sellers, you will either partially hosted by the Cambodian private sector and Government to encourage inbound business into Asia particularly South-East Asia. As places for semi-hosting is limited, selection is based on your proven track record and acceptance is based on a first come first serve basis.


Sellers will be offering a diverse array of ecotourism, nature and adventure destination products and services from the region as well as from other iconic ecotourism destinations.

Pre-scheduled business meetings are arranged between buyers and sellers.

Register for Booths                   Sorry. Fully taken up!

Register now as Buyer/Seller    Complimentary rooms for hosted buyers and sellers!

Community Based Eco-Tourism (CBET) 

The academic fraternity & NGOs takes centre stage to showcase new development paradigms, best practices and groundbreaking solutions ..

As ecotourism is being increasingly championed as a rural empowerment tool by supranational, regional and national tourism organisations, WEC 2011 will provide the platform for the academic fraternity to take the centre stage and showcase new development paradigms, best practice and groundbreaking solutions that have been hatched through years of painstaking and laborious research.

In a nutshell, the presence of academics and researchers at WEC 2011 will be a testimony to the their past, present and future role not only in the intellectual capacity but more importantly as the moral and ethical custodians in ensuring the sustainable growth of ecotourism.

(Sponsored by APES and empowered under the Vientiane Declaration on Ecotourism for Developing Countries, this is a special session to draw on the best research and development studies on ecotourism that will provide the edge for policy makers, public sector administrators and entrepreneurs to hone on key issues. The symposium is held in parallel with the Plenary Session and Business Seminar. The Research Symposium is chaired by Prof. Dr Amran Hamzah.) 

Paper Specifications & Conditions      

Abstracts - Last Call!                          

Tourism/Environment/Natural Resources Ministers and their senior officials, industry leaders, community leaders, conservationists and leading investors discuss ecotourism development and growth   (strictly by invitation only)


Promoting multilateral collaboration in the region and galvanising the resources of successful leaders and practitioners to spearhead the advancement of ecotourism in the Asia Pacific. The Round Table together with inputs from the esteemed conference delegates under the theme "Charting the Future of Ecotourism in Asia" will conclude in the "Sihanoukville Declaration on Ecotourism". 

Summit meeting of members of the ecotourism fraternity in the Asia Pacific region


Represented in 14 countries APES has grown from strength to strength since its formation in 2009. An annual congregation of ecotourism proponents, practitioners, researchers, consultants and policy makers to meet, and work together for mutual interests.





H.E. Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, World Tourism Organisation UNWTO's Commitment to Ecotourism: 3rd World Ecotourism Conference, 3-5 October 2011, Cambodia from UNWTO on Vimeo.


Eminent Keynote Speakers

Complimentary  Technical Tours

(Departing 5th October 2011)

Ream National Park

Boat cruise on Preak Teuk Sap, where the visitors can enjoy and experience the past tropical forests & mangrove swamps, fishing villages & bird-watching or dolphin-spotting.


Song Saa Island - Marine Reserve

A marine reserve covering one million square metres and extending 200 metres from the outer edge of the reefs that fringe both islands. This no-take zone is being managed to international standards for marine protected areas.


Boeng Kayak Mangrove Forest

Boat cruise on Beong Kayak, where the visitors can enjoy and experience the community lifestyle, Shell and Crab Farms, fishing villages, dolphin and largest mangrove forest. 



4 Rivers Eco Lodge at Ta Tai River

Visit one of Cambodia's most unique ecolodge floating above the Ta Tai River in Koh Kong Province. Constructed of sustainable materials, it exemplifies the kind of development to be emulated for ecotourism





H.E. Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, World Tourism Organisation UNWTO's Commitment to Ecotourism: 3rd World Ecotourism Conference, 3-5 October 2011, Cambodia from UNWTO on Vimeo.


Join us in Korea



e-VISA in 3 days


Delegates are strongly advised to apply e-visa via the immigration online visa website - .


Visa Exemption: Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand


E-Visa application not supported: Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria. (Please apply your Visa from your nearest embassy or on-arrival at all major checkpoints).



Latest Announcement

Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia



Complimentary Technical Tours (5th Oct)

The Ministry of Tourism is sponsoring four (4) complimentary technical tours (with lunch) for all registered delegates (based on first-come-first-serve) on

5th October 2011 (7:00am to 15:00pm)

Song Saa Private Island & Marine Reserve

Boeng Kayak Mangrove Forest

Ream National Park & Koh Sampouch Island

4 Rivers (Ta Tai) Ecolodge, Koh Kong

Delegates participating in the Conference and Technical Tour will need to stay four (4) nights in Sihanoukville from 2nd to 5th October. There is no night transfers from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh.


Post-Tour to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat)

6th to 8th October 2011



An ecological interpretation of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. This video clip is 53 minutes long


The Ministry of Tourism has arranged for post-tour to Siem Reap for all registered delegates from 6th to 8th October 2011 departing from Sihanoukville. Delegates may take their return flight sector ex-Siem Reap. There is a registration/handling fee of USD150 per person for the tour. More detailed information will be posted soon. For enquiries, please email to:






To celebrate the acceptance of Cambodia Bay (Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, Kep and Kampot) into the "Most Beautiful Bays in the World" Club on 11 July 2011, the 3rd World Ecotourism Conference 2011 has shifted its venue from Phnom Penh to the magnificent coastal resort town of Sihanoukville located at the Cambodia Bay.


The conference venue will now be held at the magnificent and historical beach-front Independence Hotel, which currently has the biggest ballroom in Sihanoukville.


All speakers, delegates and volunteers are required to arrive in Phnom Penh latest by 2pm on 2nd October 2011. If you need to arrive before 2nd October 2011, hotel accommodation - 5-star Raffles Hotel, & Intercontinental Hotel, 4-star Nagaworld Hotel, 3-star Almond Hotel & Lux Riverside Hotel) at special rates can be arranged.


The Ministry of Tourism will arrange complimentary coach transfers from Phnom Penh for all delegates on 2nd October 2011 and return transfers from Sihanoukville on 6th October 2011.


To welcome all delegates to the newest member of the "Most Beautiful Bays in the World", the Ministry of Tourism will celebrate the occasion with a Gala Dinner on 3rd October 2011.


Except for 10 countries, a visa can be easily applied online at this website: .


For detailed enquiries: Email Here.



What's in for you?

This is an excellent opportunity for ecotourism fraternity to collaborate, connect and contribute with fellow eminent ecotourism players and more importantly to represent your country and lend your voice in this world conference.

WEC2011 also provides opportunities for a wide range of tacticals to maximize marketing and business development efforts by ecotourism industry players and we invite you to be part of the global WEC partnership program. This event belongs to the ecotourism fraternity and every effort will be made to support the industry players.

The World Ecotourism Conference seeks to empower and inspire emerging leaders and young professionals in the industry to facilitate sustainable transformation towards the development of ecotourism enterprises based on sound ecotourism principles and best practices.

We encourage delegates and volunteers to speak, interact and exchange information, learn about new products and services from vendor displays at the International Ecotourism, Nature and Adventure Mart, and network with other practitioners and professionals from across the globe.

The opportunity to interact with the some of the best in the industry around the world is indeed worthy of your time to participate.

Speaking Opportunities

We are providing opportunities for successful ecotourism practitioners from the private sector to present their innovative business case and share their inspiring success story at the prestigious 3rd World Ecotourism Conference.

Presenters will illuminate the perspectives in the ecotourism business and present challenges and solutions in financial, legal, ethical and ecological dimensions. 

Final selection of speakers will be decided by a technical committee. 

Click to apply:

 Seminar - Last Call!    


Abstracts - Last Call !  


Volunteering Opportunities

"Helping others reach for a new day rejuvenates us in more ways than another vacation, more stuff, a fatter resume, or a nice house. We want to feel good "inside". We want to feel useful. We want to find meaning. We want to feel this alive and on fire with possibility."

Susan Skog

In 2010, the World Ecotourism Conference took in international volunteers from 14 countries who gained immense exposure in supporting this important conference. If you like to be a volunteer for the prestigious 2011 World Ecotourism Conference and be part of a multinational volunteer brigade, just complete this online form and submit to us for consideration. A Certificate of Appreciation is presented to you upon successful completion of your volunteer work and testimonials are given to deserving volunteers. 

Volunteer  Information

Register as Volunteer



oct, 2011



Opening Ceremony

Keynote Addresses

Opening of Ecotourism, Nature & Adventure Mart (ENAM)

Welcome Dinner hosted by Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

oct, 2011

Plenary Sessions - "Charting The Future of Ecotourism in Asia"

2 Parallel Sessions for Business Operators & Researchers

Asia Pacific Ecotourism Society (APES) Industry Networking Meeting

Ministerial Round Table on Multilateral Cooperation


oct, 2011

Technical Tours with Lunch

Closing Ceremony




The World Ecotourism Conference is an ambitious initiative to bring global ecotourism players together to network, collaborate and share their experiences, best practices and technologies for the betterment of nature conservation, nature/environment protection, preservation of local communities/culture and consequently the advancement of ecotourism around the world.

This non-profit event is made possible by generous sponsorship from the public and private sectors as well as kind contribution of leading speakers/presenters.


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