OPTION 1- Complimentary Day Tour of Southern Laos

Highlights: Vat Phou - UNESCO World Heritage Site and Pha Souam Waterfall

Day 1: June, 24th 2016
Listed as UNESCO World Heritage site, the Champasak cultural landscape, including the Vat Phou Temple complex, is a remarkably well-preserved planned landscape more than 1,000 years old located on the east bank of the Mekong River in Champasak province. Vat Phou is an excellent example of early classical Khmer architecture, dating from the 7th to 12th centuries AD.

The summit, the Phou Kao, immediately commands one's attention because of its shape, identified in ancient times with the linga, the phallic symbol of Shiva, from which originated its ancient name, Lingaparvata, and its reputation as a sacred hill. The permanent spring, at the foot of the cliffs, is probably one of the main reasons that induced the ancient rulers of the area to establish a shivaist sanctuary at this location.

At the foot of Vat Phou is the ancient city of Shestupura, which was settled in the 5th century AD, and is believed to be the oldest urban settlement in Southeast Asia. Besides the main Vat Phou Temple Complex, there are several lesser-known archaeological and nature sites nearby that are worth exploring. Vat Phou is accessible via short car or bus ride from Pakse. There is also a regular boat service on the Mekong to Champasak that takes 2-3 hour ride.
07:50-08:00   Pick up all delegates at Champasak Grand Hotel’s Lobby
08:00-09:10   Leaving for Wat Phou World Heritage Site
09:10-10:40  Visit Wat Phou Temple Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

February, 14th -16th April every year they will celebration the big event of Boun Wat Phou (Wat Phou Festival). This is the largest festival in the province and one of the largest in the entire country. This festival attracts thousands of the people each year, who gather at the base of the ancient Wat Phou temple for prayer ceremonies and to enjoy the festival.

10:40-12:00   Depart for Pha Souam waterfall
12:00-13:30   Lunch at Pa Souam Restaurant
13:30-15:15 Guided Tour

Enjoy taking photos at waterfall, sightseeing with the ethnic cultural performance, dancing, enjoy local lifestyle of local communities.

15:15-16:00   Back to Pakse Town, and transfer to Pakse International Airport, Vang Tao and Nong Nok Kien boder checkpoints ....

OPTION 2 - Complimentary 2 Days, 1 Night Southern Laos Tour

Highlights: Biggest Waterfall in the World, 4000 Islands Wetland Area, Lao Cuisine, Crossing the Mekong River, Overnight at Don Det Island, Lao Traditional Performances & Activities

Day 1: June, 24th 2016
08:00-08:15  Pick up all delegates at Champasak Grand Hotel Lobby
08:15-10:00  Depart for Khon Pha Pheng – Biggest Waterfall in the World
10:00-11:30  Sightseeing at Khon Pha Pheng Waterfall.

On this stretch of the Mekong is the largest waterfall by volume in Southeast Asia, Khone Phapheng, as well as Li Phi waterfall noted for its cascading emerald green waters and the largest waterfall in the world, over 10 km wide.

11:30-12:30  Lunch at Sala Somview Restaurant hosted by Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Lao PDR
12:30-13:00  Departure for Don Det , Don Khon island and Li Phi Somphamith Waterfall
13:00-16:00  Crossing the Mekong

Transfer all delegates from buses to local boats at Nakasang village then cross the Mekong River to Don Det, Don Khon island and Li Phi Somphamith waterfall, historical colonial train’s head and bridge.  A popular tourist spot for backpackers. Watch the endangered freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins which inhabit in the Mekong River near the Lao-Cambodian border and can be observed from local chartered boats

16:00-17:00  Depart for Khong District and check in at hotels, hosted complimentary by Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism, Lao PDR
18:00-21:00  Khong District Culture Hall

- Baci Ceremony
- Welcome Dinner (variety of local food)
- Si Phan Don’s song (local song).... performance
- Lam Vong Lao; enjoy dancing Lao style

Day 2: JUNE, 25th 2016
05:00 -06:00  At Mekong riverside, watch sunrise above the magnificent Mekong
06:00-07:00  Alms giving at Klong Town

Observe fish catching of local lifestyle at Mekong riverside

08:00-08:30  Check out of hotels
08:30-10:30  Visit Khong Museum and local Handicraft Centre of Ban Hin Siew (Sugar Palm and Coconut Production)
10:30-11:20  Back to Pakse and stop over for lunch at TIDA NAVA Boat Restaurant
12:30-16:00  Transfer all delegates to Pakse International Airport, Vang Tao and Nong Nok kein Border Checkpoints