World Ecotourism Conference 2012

45 Eminent Leaders & Speakers from 16 countries



H.E. Dr. Kwang-shik, Choe, Minister, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,


Dr. Kwang-shik, Choe holds a Ph.D. in History from the Korea University. His illustrious career as an academic spanned over 20 years from 1981 to 2008. He was a Professor in the Department of Korean History, Korea University from 2001 to 2008. From 2008-2011, he was the Director of the National Museum of Korea and Chair of the Culture Subcommittee, the Korean National Commission for UNESCO from 2009-2011. Since 2010, he held the post of Chair, Center for Korean History. Prior to his appointment as Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on 17 September 2011, he was the Administrator of the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea.



H.E. Dr Young Sook YOO

Minister, Ministry of Environment,



May, 2011 ~ 14th Minister of Environment

November, 2009 : Director, Research Division, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

2008 : Director, Korean Chemical Society

January, 2007 : Director, Biomedical Research Institute, KIST

2006 : Director, Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

April, 2006 : Head, Biomedical Research Institute, KIST

April, 2004 : Head, Bioanalysis and Biotransformation Research Center, KIST

1990 : Senior researcher, KIST

1986-1989 : POST-DOC. Stanford University School of Medicine

1980-1986 : Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Oregon State University Graduate School

1977-1979 : M.A. in Ewha Womans University Graduate School

1973-1977 : Bachelor’s Degree, Ewha Womans University



H.E. Dr Taleb RIFAI

Secretary-General, World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO),


Rifai is the current Secretary- General of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, officially elected in October 2009.

Rifai was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in February 2006.

From January 2003 to February 2006, Mr. Rifai was the Assistant Director-General of the international Labour Organization (ILO).

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Rifai served in several ministerial portfolios in the Government of Jordan as Minister of Tourism and Antiquities; Minister of Information; and, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

During his term as Minister of Tourism, Mr. Rifai served as Chairman of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

From 1997 to 2000, he was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jordan Cement Company, one of the largest public shareholding companies in Jordan; and directed the first large-scale privatization and restructuring scheme in Jordan.

Rifai was also actively involved in policy making and developing investment strategies in his capacity as Director General of the Investment Promotion Corporation (IPC) in Jordan (1995–1997).

From 1993 to 1995, Rifai headed Jordan's first Economic Mission to Washington DC, promoting trade, investments, and economic relations between Jordan and the USA.

Rifai began his career as Professor of Architecture, Planning and Urban Design at the University of Jordan from 1973-1993. He received his Ph.D. in Urban Design and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – USA (1983); and a MSc. in Engineering and Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago – USA (1979). He also attained a B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Cairo in 1973.

Rifai is a Jordanian national born is 1949. He is married and has five children.


H.E. Dr. Taleb RIFAI


H.E. Mr Moon-Soo KIM

Governor, Gyeonggi Province,



Born in Yeongcheon, North Gyeongsang Province, in 1951
Graduated from Seoul National University, business administration major
Governor of Gyeonggi Province since 2006

Political Career
Engaged in South Korea's democratic and labor movement in 1970s and 1980s

Served as National Assemblyman for three terms from 1996 to 2006, representing Sosa district of Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province, as a member of the Grand National Party

Served on Assembly committees such as the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts, the Environment & Labor Committee, and Unification, Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee

Served as a Deputy Floor Leader of the Grand National Party in 1998

Served as Chairman of the Grand National Party Nomination Screening Committee for the 2004 General Elections Assumed office as Governor of Gyeonggi Province in 2006 and re-elected to 2nd term in June of 2010

Awards & Honors
Received US Forces Korea Good Neighbor Award in 2010 for improving quality of life for US military personnel and enhancing Korean-American relations

Selected as Best National Assemblyman nine out of 10 years by civic watchdogs from 1996 to 2005 Awarded the Green Politician Award by the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement in 1996 Selected by Korean media as No. 1 National Assemblyman in terms of integrity and diligence in 2006

Selected as the leading local government leader in terms of campaign-pledge implementation by a key Korean watchdog group in 2007 and 2009

Honored with the Forbes Management Quality Award in the public innovation category in 2007 and in the leadership category in 2009 as presented by Forbes Korea and the Korean Society for Quality Management

Obtained 9 government certificates in areas such as Environmental Management and Safety Management Engineering

H.E. Mr. Moon-Soo KIM


H.E. Dr Seong CHOI

Mayor of Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province,




Korea University, Seoul, Korea
Ph.D. in Political Science, February 1994.


Mayor of Goyang City, Gyunggi-Do, South Korea (July~)
National Assembly, Seoul, South Korea - Member of the National Assembly (May 30 2004-current)

Inter-Korea Economic Association, Seoul, South Korea - Senior Advisor (September 2002-current)
Korean-American Association, Inter-Korean Business Committee, Washington D.C., U.S.A.- Commissioner (July 2002-current)


The Birth of the President (2012)


American Biographical Institute, International Peace Award, Award for This Year’s Achievements International Biographical Center of Cambridge, Award for This Year’s Specialist in International Affairs


Global Economic Network - Chairman(November 2005-Current)

Environment Era News Agency, Advisory Commission, Seoul, South Korea -Chairperson (November 2003-current)

Korea Environment Movement, Regional Office of Goyang-city, Goyang, South Korea - Advisory Commissioner (October 2003-current)

H.E. Mr Seong CHOI


Prof Seong-il KIM,

Seoul National University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Forest Sciences,



Councillor, International Union Conservation for Nature (IUCN), SWITZERLAND

For more than 20 years, Dr. Seong-il Kim has been a leading consultant in protected areas management and policy formulation in Korea. He has also played an important role in introducing ecotourism concept for the first time in Korea since early 1990s.


He has been a member for both Korea UNESCO MAB Committee and IUCN Korea National Committee for more than 10 years, and a member of the newly established ‘Presidential Committee on Green Growth.’ He has been an active contributor in environmental policy through writing, public speaking, government committees, and NGOs involvement. His newspaper articles have been particularly focused on IUCN activities and partnerships in an Asian context. He has established a community education center in a small rural area and served as voluntary head of the center for 5 years teaching 80 local people a year.


He delivers more than 10 public lectures on environmental issues every year nationally as well as internationally. He has recently elected as a president of the International Association for Protected Area Stewardship (IAPAS) for recognition of his long contribution in environmental conservation.


His educational backgrounds cover from Forestry, Landscape Architecture (Seoul National University), Environmental Studies (Yale) and Tourism Sciences (Texas A&M). Currently, he has been a Professor of Seoul National University teaching ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Ecotourism Development’ since 1992.

Prof. Seong-il KIM


Mr Joon Kee HWANG, CEO, Gyeonggi Tourism Organisation,


The Gyeonggi Tourism Organization is a governmental organization under the Gyeonggi-do provincial government that aims to establish Gyeonggi-do as a dynamic business events destination where people, technology and ideas converge to create great value and a memorable experience for customers. As the lead provincial government organization in the tourism and business events sector in Gyeonggi-do, the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization assists business event organizers, corporations and associations by providing comprehensive and impartial information on Gyeonggi-do?s meeting and exhibition facilities, incentive venues and industry partners.



Oct. 2009 ~ March 2010 Vice-Minister of Gender Equality & Family

May 2008 ~ Oct. 2009 Secretary to the President for Public Administration

July 2006 ~ Dec. 2007 Director-General, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs

June 2004 ~ July 2006 Director-General, Planning & Management Division of Gyeonggi Province



1973-1977: Bachelor?s Degree, Seoul National University, ROK





Dr. Chung-ll CHOI

President, UNESCO International Coordinating Council of the Programme on Man and the Biosphere,

Honorary President of Ecotourism Korea



Dr. Choi is Honorary President of Ecotourism Korea and served as the Chair of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB) International Coordinating Council (ICC). He graduated from the Seoul National University with major in aquatic ecology. He was the founder of IUCN National Committee of Korea and served as its first president.


He is currently serving as the Chair for the Ecotourism Korea, Korea DMZ Policy Forum, and UNESCO/MAB National Committee of Korea. He served as the president of Korean Society of Limnology, and the Korean Biodiversity Council, Dean of Natural Sciences College, Hanyang University and the Roster of Experts of United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) Jakarta Mandate (JM).


He was a research scientist on board “Hudson-70 Oceanographic Expedition” of Canada which is the world first circumnavigation of North and South Americas. His publications in the books, scientific papers and articles etc are widely acknowledged.




Hon. Mr Sang-Hyup KIM, Senior Secretary to the President of Korea,


Education ○

B.A. International Relations, Seoul National University ○

M.A., Ph.D. International Relations, Seoul National University


Main Career

○ (2011~Present) Senior Secretary to the President for Green Growth, Office of the President

    - (2010~2011) Secretary to the President for Green Growth and Environment

    - (2008~2010) Secretary to the President for National Future and Vision

    - (2008~2011) Co-Secretary-General, Presidential Committee on Green Growth

    - (2008~2011) Co-Secretary-General, Presidential Council for Future and Vision

○ (2010~Present) Board Member, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

○ (2008~Present) Member, Global Agenda Councils of World Economic Forum (WEF)



Hon. Mr. Jing XU

UNWTO Director of Asia & The Pacific Regional Programme,



Keynote Presentation Title:

Ecotourism for Global Peace


Xu Jing, holds a Masters Degree in Tourism Management from the University of Surrey in England. He began his career in tourism at the China National Tourism Administration where he was in charge of International Relations. He joined the World Tourism Organization in 1992 as an Officer to the Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific.


His tasks included the preparation and organisation of UNWTO’s Regional Commission Meetings for Asia and the Pacific; assistance in technical cooperation activities; the preparation and presentation of working documents for technical meetings; selection of tourism development project personnel; preparation of project budgets; evaluation of project reports; and supervision of technical studies / UNWTO publications on subjects of contemporary interest to the tourism community of Asian countries.


He is currently the Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, a position he assumed from the beginning of 2004.


Hon. Mr. Jing XU


Hon. Mr. Nikita LOPOUKHINE

Chair of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA),



Keynote Presentation Title

Protected Areas and Ecotourism:

Friend or Foe?


Nik started his professional career with the Forest Management Institute and later moved to the Lands Directorate of Environment Canada. He took a leading role in bringing broad ecological thinking to the Government of Canada in the developing field of land mapping of ecosystems. Nik was behind the creation of ecological maps for some of Canada’s most noted parks.


In Feb 2012, Nik was honored with the J.B. Harkin Award yesterday for his life-long commitment to Canadian conservation. The award, named after the “Father of National Parks” J.B. Harkin, honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the conservation of Canada’s parks and wilderness.


In the 1980s, Nik was recruited by Parks Canada and initiated their fire management programme that ensures healthy ecosystems in the national parks. Nik also played an important role in helping Russia develop their protected areas programme.


In 2001, Nik became the Director General of National Parks. He was responsible for monitoring the ecological integrity programme and the Species at Risk Act, and earned a reputation as a champion of conservation.


Since the 2005 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Nik was elected Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). During his time as Chair, IUCN WCPA has influenced the CBD by becoming their principal advisor on the Programme of Work on Protected Areas. Nik has promoted the importance of youth and has supported efforts to ensure that there is increased awareness and understanding of the value and role of protected areas in meeting such global challenges as combating climate change and desertification.



Tourism creates jobs and economic growth but beyond the economics, tourism nations are true purveyors of peace allowing free and peaceful flow of citizens across borders distributing social and economic benefits as global ambassadors. However with the power to travel, comes responsibility. The responsibility to respect the cultural and political sensitivity of the peoples, the sustainability of places and destinations, the conservation of nature and wildlife and the safety and security of tourists. With good governance based on principles of global sustainable tourism and ecotourism, sustainable development and international goodwill is achieved.



Hon. Mr. Jing XU
UNWTO Director of Asia & The Pacific Regional Programme,

Xu Jing, holds a Masters Degree in Tourism Management from the University of Surrey in England. He began his career in tourism at the China National Tourism Administration where he was in charge of International Relations. He joined the World Tourism Organization in 1992 as an Officer to the Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific.

His tasks included the preparation and organisation of UNWTO’s Regional Commission Meetings for Asia and the Pacific; assistance in technical cooperation activities; the preparation and presentation of working documents for technical meetings; selection of tourism development project personnel; preparation of project budgets; evaluation of project reports; and supervision of technical studies / UNWTO publications on subjects of contemporary interest to the tourism community of Asian countries.

He is currently the Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, a position he assumed from the beginning of 2004.


Mr Glenn Jampol
President, Costa Rica National Chamber of Ecotourism,


Presentation Title:

Eco-efficiency: Creating value from experience

Founder and owner of the first "boutique" hotel of Costa Rica, Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, recognized as the first hotel in Central America to obtain the highest classification of the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST), 5 distinctions that the hotel still maintains a 100% rating in this prestigious program. He is also Chairman of the Hotel Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort in Manuel Antonio, which has 38 rooms, also with 5 CST distinctions.

Glenn has been a pioneer in the CST program. He is one of the original members of the founding committee that developed ICT in 1994. He is also the representative of CANATUR at the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) of the CST in the ICT. It is also a consultant on sustainable and responsible practices in various countries and tourism organizations, and in the last five years, has been hired as a consultant and speaker in Sri Lanka, Jordan, Bhutan, Australia, Peru, Norway, United States, El Salvador, Colombia and Canada.



H.E. Mr Ahmed Shameem
Minister of State for Tourism, Arts and Culture, REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES


Presentation Title:

Maldives's Destination Development Strategies Towards Green Tourism


Ahmed Shameem joined the Ministry of Tourism as an administrative officer in 1981. After several training programs including post graduate studies at the George Washington University, USA, he served as the Deputy Director of Ministry of Tourism and later became the Deputy Director of Maldives Airports Authority. After serving Male’ International Airport for a brief period, he left the government and started his own business in the construction industry.


During the last few years he has been very active in the political arena of the country. His first political affiliation was with Maldivian Democratic Party. Later he helped form the political party named Maldives Reform Movement. Currently he is the chairman of the political committee of the interim governing council of Maldives Reform Movement. This is a political party formed with the exclusive aim of broadening and strengthening democracy, good governance and rule of law in the country.


With the recent change of government he is now a State Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. He is responsible for the planning, development and regulation of the tourism sector. He is also the chairman of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Cooperation, a government company entrusted with the promotion of tourism in the Maldives.




Prof Amran Hamzah

Deputy Vice Chair (South East Asia)



Centre of Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD), Universiti Teknologi &

Chair, Ecotourism Malaysia



Presentation Title:

The Transformation of Local Communities Because Of Ecotourism


Prof. Amran Hamzah is a Professor in Tourism Planning and Director, Centre for Innovative Planning and Development (CIPD), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia. He is notable for his role in championing Community Based Tourism (CBT) since the 1980s. As the former Head of the Tourism Planning Research Group (TPRG), he has led numerous studies commissioned by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, APEC, British Council, ECER, IRDA and other government agencies related to CBT.


Currently, TPRG is collaborating with the Malaysian Ecotourism Association (MEA) in carrying out capacity building programmes to scale up community based rural tourism projects in Tanjung Piai, Taman Negara and Gopeng. These pilot projects will then be used as models to showcase success stories in CBT.


Prof. Amran is committed to play a role in community based Tourism due to his respect for the desire and perseverance of rural communities in striving for economic progress without scarifying their community values and lifestyle. He is concerned that uncontrolled tourism development may marginalise rural communities and hopes that more and more academics will leave the comfort of their ivory tower to play an effective role in rural community development.





H.E. Mr U Htay Aung

Deputy Minister of Hotels and Tourism,


Mr U Htay Aung was previously the Director-General of the Ministry and he has been involved in the development of Myanmar's tourism industry since the early 2000's. As the Deputy Minister, his responsibilities include among others; communicating with foreign countries, international organizations, other organizations and persons in respect of the hotel and tourism industry; holding discussions, seminars, and exhibitions for improving the quality and raising the standard of hotel and tourism industry as well as laying down the required arrangements and measures for arousing keener interest of foreign tourists in facts about Myanmar and to enhance their desires to visit and observe Myanmar.


His Ministry is also responsible for the promotion of  Myanmar's diverse forests and green landscapes which host a large variety of wildlife species, 7000 plants, 300 mammals, 360 reptiles and 1000 bird species which provide an ideal setting for nature tourism and eco-tourism.


"Knowing is not enough, you must apply. Willing is not enough, you must do". You will have the rare privilege to learn from tourism policy makers and natural resource managers the initiatives they took to address challenging issues in ecotourism development, management and marketing.

Practitioners and professionals will present the lessons learned, practical solutions and success stories in their ecotourism based endeavours to achieve financial and ecological sustainability in 4 scenarios - place, destination, region and global. 




Prof Seong-il KIM,
Seoul National University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Forest Sciences,

Councillor, International Union Conservation for Nature (IUCN), SWITZERLAND

For more than 20 years, Dr. Seong-il Kim has been a leading consultant in protected areas management and policy formulation in Korea. He has also played an important role in introducing ecotourism concept for the first time in Korea since early 1990s.

He has been a member for both Korea UNESCO MAB Committee and IUCN Korea National Committee for more than 10 years, and a member of the newly established ‘Presidential Committee on Green Growth.’ He has been an active contributor in environmental policy through writing, public speaking, government committees, and NGOs involvement. His newspaper articles have been particularly focused on IUCN activities and partnerships in an Asian context. He has established a community education center in a small rural area and served as voluntary head of the center for 5 years teaching 80 local people a year.

He delivers more than 10 public lectures on environmental issues every year nationally as well as internationally. He has recently elected as a president of the International Association for Protected Area Stewardship (IAPAS) for recognition of his long contribution in environmental conservation.

His educational backgrounds cover from Forestry, Landscape Architecture (Seoul National University), Environmental Studies (Yale) and Tourism Sciences (Texas A&M). Currently, he has been a Professor of Seoul National University teaching ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Ecotourism Development’ since 1992.


Mr Boris Erg,

Director, IUCN Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe



Presentation Title:

Ecotourism, protected areas and local communities: Experiences from Europe






Boris Erg currently assumes the position of Director at the IUCN Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe (IUCN SEE). He is responsible for IUCN’s regional network and the implementation of IUCN’s global and regional priorities, with particular emphasis on sustainability issues and protected areas in a transboundary context.


His expertise includes transboundary conservation, protected area designation and management, resource management, World Heritage, policy development, and multi-stakeholder processes. He holds a Magister’s degree in environmental management. Boris Erg has more than 15 years of experience working in various fields of nature conservation and natural resource management.


His track record includes international organizations, state agencies, NGOs, and a year-long field work in a protected area. Throughout his career he has worked with numerous national and international organisations and conservation centres of excellence.


He is an active member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), serving as Coordinator for Europe at IUCN WCPA’s Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group (TBC SG) and the focal point for WCPA at the IUCN Regional Office for Europe. His career is dedicated to the advancement of conservation policy and action in Europe and globally with keen interest in transboundary dialogue as a means of nature conservation and regional cooperation.



H.E. Mr Kousom Saroeuth,

Deputy Minister,

Ministry of Tourism, Kingdom of Cambodia


Presentation Title:

Ecotourism in Cambodia: A Participatory Approach

• From 2008- Present: Deputy Minister, Ministry of Tourism, in-charge of International Cooperation and ASEAN, Tourism Planning and development, Tourism Law and Regulations, member of Committee for tourism internal border check point facilitations, and additional tasks assigned by Excellency Minister.

• From 2003-2008: Director General of Tourism, he oversee all technical fields under the Minister’s supervision, such as: Tourism Industry, Tourism Planning and Development, International Cooperation and ASEAN, Marketing and Promotion, Cultural Tourism Development, Tourism Information and Statistic and other tasks assign by Excellency Minister.

• During his capacity as Director General of Tourism and Deputy Minister of Tourism, Excellency Kousoum Saroeuth was very actively involved in tourism policy making and development strategies particularly in developing Tourism Law, Cambodia Tourism Strategic Plan 2012-2020, Clean Tourist City Standard, Ecotourism Strategic Plan, Tourism border check-point facilitation measures and procedure, and other important strategies which contribute to sustainable tourism development.

• From 1988-2001: Director, Provincial Tourism Department, Siem Reap province. He oversees all tourism activities in the province, implement tourism policy directed by the Ministry.

• From 1980-1988: Director, Provincial Finance Department

• He was born on 1 June 1956, in Siem Reap province. He is married and has four children.




Dr. Won-hee Lee

Research Fellow, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI)


Presentation Title:

Ecotourism Status and Potential of Korea


In 2002, Dr. Lee joined the KCTI as a senior researcher at the tourism policy division. Since then, she has carried out various research projects on sustainable tourism, ecotourism and cultural heritage tourism. Her recent research works are related to the national ecotourism model project and ecotourism certification program. Currently she serves on the advisory committee for the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and the executive board of Ecotourism Korea.

In 1997, she received her master degree in landscape architecture from Seoul National University, where she also earned an undergraduate degree. In 2002, she received her doctorate in tourism from James Cook University in Australia.



Mr Na, Gongju,

Director, Korea National Park Service (KNPS),



Presentation Title:

Ecotourism in Korea National Parks


Mr. Gongju Na is Director of Korea National Park Service and has worked for KNPS since 1987. He served as Supervisor of Jirisan National Park and as director of department of visitor management and department of park conservation.




Is ecotourism and conservation a paradox? Is urban ecotourism an oxymoron? Does the definition of ecotourism actually promote green-washing? Ecotourism trends have transformed in the last 10 years, from viewing pristine nature to engaging "living cultures"; from tourist travellers to volunteering visitors; from ecotourism travel to sustainable tourism planning and from place-based regulations to responsible travel.

Innovation is said to be the key driver to success. Can innovation emerge on the back of changing trends and advancing technologies in renewable and clean energy, sanitation and communications? Would market trends and innovation be the keys to mainstreaming ecotourism?



Prof Dr Namjo Kim (Moderator)

Hanyang University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Ph. D. 1997 The Pennsylvania State University Leisure Studies
M. S. 1987 Korea University Urban Planning
B.S. 1985 Korea University Architecture

Professional Experiences
Feb. 2011 – Present. Dean, Graduate School of International Tourism, Hanyang University
Mar. 1999 – Present. Professor, Division of Tourism, Hanyang University


Recent Research Projects
Development of Clean Operational Model using Bicycles and Electric Vehicles at Korean National Parks. (2011)
Research on Revitalization of Ecotourism at Korean National Parks (2010)

Book Publications
Introduction to Tourism, (Co-authors). Seoul: Baeksan Publish Co. (2009).
Sustainable Tourism, (Co-authors). Seoul: Ilshin-sa. (2001).

Other Academic & Social Activities
Vice-President of The Tourism Sciences Society of Korea : 2007.9 - Present
A Committee of Advisory Council of Ecotourism Model Project : 2011.7 -Present



Prof. Beate Jessel

President of Bundesamt für Naturschutz
(BfN) -[Federal Agency for Nature Conservation], GERMANY

Prof. Dr. Beate Jessel is the President of the Federal Agency for Nature Conserva-tion (BfN), Germany. In this position, her main tasks include researches in the field of nature conservation and landscape development on national level, informing the public and enhancing public participation in nature conservation issues, etc. She gained her MSc in Landscape Architecture, Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan, and PhD in Landscape Planning and Agriculture, Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan. During 1999-2006 she held the Chair for Landscape Planning in University of Potsdam. During 2006 and 2007 she was the Chair for Strategies of Landscape Management at the Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan. Her special fields of expertise are environmental impact assessment, strategies of landscape development and land-use planning, watershed and water resource management, theory formation in the field of ecologically oriented planning.


Beate Jessel currently holds the following honorary offices: • Member of the Senate of the Leibniz Association (WGL - Wissenschaftsge-meinschaft Gottfried Leibniz) • 2008-2010: International Co-Chair of the Task Force "Ecosystem services and management" of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environ-ment and Development (CCICED) • Member of the TERENO (Terrestrial Environmental Observatories) Advisory Board of the Helmholtz Association • Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Nature Conservation History (Stiftung Naturschutzgeschichte)  and board member/editor of many other publications.




Mr Sinan Halic

Executive Board Member

Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB)


Sinan Haliç was born in 1976 in Istanbul, Turkey. After high school, he studied International Relations at the Near East University and graduated from the Banking and Finance Department of Bilkent University, Ankara. He later went on to receive a masters degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage from Kadir Has University, Istanbul.


After guiding eco-tourist groups from all over the world for 4 years, he established his own company HTC Group in 2004 to provide services for nature, eco-tourism and adventure travel. Today, in his role as the managing director of the company, he is fully committed to the new global concept “Geographika”.


Speaking both English and French fluently has assisted in the honorary positions that he serves within the Turkish tourism industry.


He is also the founder of the Tivimedya Production Company and takes the role of director for camera for the cultural projects they create. For more information about the above organisations:










Ms Kym Cheatham,
CEO, Ecotourism Australia,

Presentation Title:

Travel Shouldn’t Cost the Earth – 21 years of Ecotourism in Australia








Kym Cheatham joined Ecotourism Australia in August 2009 from Tourism Australia where she was responsible for establishing and managing the Communications and Client Service team at Tourism Research Australia.

Kym has 25 years experience in the tourism industry including managing a tourism industry association and two convention bureaux in the Northern Territory and Queensland. She holds a Masters in Tourism Management and was a part time teacher in Tourism Marketing at the University of Canberra.

Ecotourism Australia was formed in 1991 as an incorporated non-profit organisation, and is the peak national body for the ecotourism industry. Ecotourism Australia is committed to inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism.

Ecotourism Australia’s ECO certification program was the world’s first environmental certification for the tourism industry and Ecotourism Australia was recently one of only 10 certification organisations recognised worldwide by the UN sponsored Global Sustainable Tourism Council.





Mr Gopinath Parayil,

The Blue Yonder,



Gopinath Parayil (Gopi) 36, is the founder and chief executive of The Blue Yonder. Gopi set up Nila Foundation in 2004 out of the passion for the region he comes from and a concern for a unique river civilization. While exploring a sustainable financial support for the foundation, he came up with the idea of The Blue Yonder (TBY), which is now one of the most innovative responsible travel companies in India.

2009 December Outlook Business magazine featured Gopi amongst the 50 Social Entrepreneurs in India. TBY has won multiple international awards and recognitions for their responsible tourism initiatives. He founded the Indian chapter of International Centre for Responsible Tourism and launched the 2010 responsible tourism awards for the Indian Ocean islands and the sub-continent.

An MBA from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and MSc in Disaster Management from Cranfield University, Gopi has recently launched a consultancy called "Niiti" for providing sustainable development solutions. Gopi was also recently appointed as the global co-ordinator of Vision European Sustainable Tourism Awards (VESTA).



Set within the context of the UNWTO's 12 Aims of Sustainable Tourism, and building on UNWTO's knowledge and leadership in ecotourism, a study was initiated utilising the established Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) to illustrate the practical application of ecotourism principles to ecotourism business operations.

Drawing on the practices and experiences of ecotourism organizations and private companies in the Asia Pacific region and national ecotourism initiatives, this session provides specific case studies demonstrating ecotourism in practice and illustrates how tourism operators are aiming to meet the principles of sustainable tourism, as benchmarked against the GSTC.




Prof. Dr. Dae-Kwan Kim,

College of Hotel & Tourism Management, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea

Prof. Dr. Dae-kwan, Kim gained his education at Seoul National University and obtained his Doctorate at Michigan State University, USA. He is a highly acclaimed academician of eminent standing in South Korea:



Present Member, Advisory Committee for Tourism Policy, Seoul City Government, Republic of Korea


Present Member, Advisory Committee for Forest Policy, Forest Service, Republic of Korea


Director General, Bureau of Tourism and Leisure City Planning, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Republic of Korea


Consultant on Tourism Economics & Investment, APEC


Team Leader, Tourism Task Force, Presidential Committee on National Balanced Development, Korean Presidential Office.


Professor, College of Hotel & Tourism Management, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea


Professor, Department of Tourism Management, Soonchunhyang University, Republic of Korea


Consultant on Tourism Economics & Investment, UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)


Senior Researcher, Korea Tourism Research Institute, Republic of Korea


Task Force Member, World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)




Excellent in Teaching, Kyung Hee University


An Academic Grand Prize by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea


Official Commendation by Prime Minister, Republic of Korea


Official Commendation by Mister of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Korea



Dr Kelly Bricker,


The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)



Presentation Title:

Ecotourism as a Venue for Social and Environmental Justice



Dr. Bricker is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. She also works as a Senior Research Scientist – in Recreation with HDR|DTA. Dr. Bricker completed her Ph.D. research with the Pennsylvania State University, where she specialized in sustainable tourism and natural resource management. She has special research and teaching interest in ecotourism, sense of place, natural resource management, and the environmental and social impacts of tourism. Kelly has conducted research on heritage tourism, social impacts of tourism, and natural resource-related tourism environments. She has presented papers on issues in ecotourism, sense of place, natural resource management, and incentive travel programs. She has published articles on sense of place, ecotourism certification and policy, and health and sustainable tourism relative to communities.


With her husband Nathan, she developed an ecotourism operation called Rivers Fiji. She serves as the Chair of The International Ecotourism Society and Chair of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.




Dr Uwe Riecken,

Senior Specialist,

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Bundesamt für Naturschutz - BfN)



Presentation Title:

Experience the Green Belt:

Nature Conservation and Ecotourism along the former Iron Curtain



Uwe RIECKEN is a senior scientist and head of the Department for Habitat Protection and Landscape Ecology at the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. Some of his current key tasks are the red data book of threatened habitat types, habitat management, ecologic networks and the Green Belt.


He is the German representative and national focal point for the European Green Belt Initiative. He is member in different national working groups and in the coordination board of the European Green Belt Initiative.


He studied biology at the University of Kiel and has been working at the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation since 1987. In 1999 he completed his PhD at the University of Marburg in Nature Conservation on the use of space and habitats by epigaeic arthropods in cultural landscapes.


Contact information E-Mail:

Address: German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation Head of the Department on Habitat Protection and Landscape Ecology Konstantinstraße 110 53179 Bonn, Germany .




Prof. Zainab Khalifah

Head of Tourism Planning Research Group (TPRG), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 



Presentation Title:

Increasing Yield Through Effective Management Practices

Zainab Khalifah is a professor at the Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai, Johor. She is the Head of the Tourism Planning Research Group (TPRG) and has served UTM for the past 26 years.


She lectures students in the Tourism Planning master’s program, specializing in tourism management and supervises PhD students in the field of tourism. She has also been active in research and consultancy in the field of tourism management, tourism marketing, ecotourism, rural tourism and community based tourism.


Collaborating with Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia (MOTOUR), she is currently involved in the development of the ASEAN homestay standard and checklist. Prof. Khalifah is also the consultant for developing the standard and endorsement guidelines for tourism products piloted in Langkawi, which will be later, rolled out to the whole of Malaysia.




Mr Pyung-soo Park

Korean Federation for Environment Movement (KFEM)


Presentation Title:

Ecology & Ecotourism of Janghang Wetland – how to maximize and consider


Mr Pyoung-soo Park is an executive of Korean Federation for Environment Movement (KFEM) that is one of the biggest and powerful NGOs (Non-governmental organization) and has worked as the joint secretary general of Gyeonggi Federation for Environment Movement and the chief executive of Goyang Federation for Environment Movement since 1997 while participating in various domestic and international activities to preserve the environment.





WEC 2012 will provide the platform for the academic fraternity to take centre stage and showcase new development paradigms, best practice and groundbreaking solutions that have been hatched through years of painstaking and laborious research.


In a nutshell, the presence of academics and researchers at WEC 2012 will be a testimony to their past, present and future role not only in the intellectual capacity but more importantly as the moral and ethical custodians in ensuring the sustainable development of ecotourism.


The following research themes are relevant to the objectives of WEC2012:

 Facilitation of ecotourism for peace in Transboundary Protected Areas (TBPA)

 Meeting the needs of local communities through ecotourism

 Contribution of ecotourism for green growth

 Adaptations between ecotourism and biodiversity




Dr Mihee Kang

Adjunct Researcher

Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University


Dr. Mihee Kang also serves on the executive board of Ecotourism Korea and on the Ecotourism Consulting Committee under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. She has given lectures on sustainable tourism, ecotourism, forest recreation in universities. She has participated in lots of ecotourism research projects in Korea and Australia. And she’s also conducted consultancies in Indonesia and China for their ecotourism development.


She published several books on ecotourism, ecotourism certification program, and forest recreation. She’s dedicated her career to ecotourism researches since 1994 and got Ph.D from Seoul National University in 1999. She was a winner of UNESCO 2000 Young Scientists Awards and listed her name in the “Marquis Who’s Who in the world 2011-2012” and in the second edition of “Marquis Who’s Who in Asia”




Dr Meti Ekayani

Bogor Agricultural University


Paper Title:

Could Ex-Situ Conservation Play Effective Role to Bridge Ecotourism and Biodiversity? Case of Multipurpose Management of Bogor Botanic Garden


Dr. Ekayani is a coordinating lecturer of the Tourism Economics at the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia. She studied master with concentration on the ex-situ conservation and tourism management and then completed Ph.D at the Chair of Forest Policy and Nature Conservation, Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany. Besides conducted teaching in tourism economics, she is also interested in natural resource management and environmental policy communication, both are very important subjects to support sustainable tourism.


She has conducted researches on tourism economics, tourism management, and social aspects of ecotourism. Ekayani serves as a supervisor for several students’ theses on tourism economics and management at IPB and makes efforts to develop better communication between scientific community and other stakeholders of ecotourism.




Dr. Alan Wong,

APES Board Member
Hong Kong Polytechnic University,



Paper Title:

Meeting the Needs of Local Communities Through Ecotourism: The Case of Volunteers Participation in An Ethnic Minority Community in Lijiang, Province of Yunan, China.


In 1992, Dr. Alan Wong received a Graduate Diploma in Tourism from James Cook University in Australia. Then he worked as an inbound tour guide in Australia and outbound tour leader in Hong Kong. He also worked in China to develop a theme park in Shanghai. He becomes a full-time faculty member of SHTM since 1998 and completed his PhD in 2008. He is the first recipient of Teaching Excellence Award in SHTM.


In 2010, he was appointed as the China MSc Program Leader. Alan has an extensive traveling experience around the world, particularly in China. In addition, he is an experience trainer and speaker for team building and tour guiding. He is now the Honorary Advisor for the Hong Kong Association of Registered Tour Coordinators (HARTCO); a member of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and a board member of Asia Pacific Ecotourism Society (APES).



Mr. Ersto Bernanto Tambunan,
Managing Director,
IdeA-Innovative development for eco Awareness

Dr. Soehartini Sekartjakrarini


Presentation Title:

Introducing ecotourism principles for sustainable use of Indonesia's protected areas



Founded in 2001, IdeA- Innovative development for eco Awareness had been established by Soehartini Sekartjakrarini to accommodate her passion on tourism development in conservation areas. Back by her education background majoring in urban and regional planning (PhD), tourism and resource development (MSc), both from Texas A&M University, USA, landscape architecture (BA) from IPB Indonesia, and her 25 years experience in forest protection and nature conservation, she has raised IdeA to become a pioneer in providing outstanding eco-friendly planning, design, and management services for government, business, and community in invaluable and sensitive areas across Indonesia.

Working with public and private, IdeA has now developed into a unique and reliable consulting company amid the demands of sustainable development in various sectors. Leading in planning, design and management on eco-development, IdeA has worked with academic recognized, experienced, and skilled planners and trainers in teams to ensure client’s awareness and caring for the harmony of man and the biosphere



Dr. Hui Jung,
CEO, Erum Environment Planning & Consulting

Paper Title:
Research on the Actual Condition of Green Tourism in Korea


Dr Jung is CEO of Environmental Planning & Consulting Co., E-RUM. She joined the Ecotourism Korea, 2010. Not only did she introduce national trail system in Korea, but she has also taken part in many policy researches on trails, ecotourism, and regional development.
Environmental Planning & Consulting Co., E-RUM, CEO
Urban Environment Research Institute, Researcher
Environmental Planning Institute, Seoul National University, Researcher





Dr Hochan Jang

Vice Dean

University Planning and International Affairs

Associate Professor,

Korea National Open University.


In 2004, Dr. Jang joined KNOU as an assistant professor at the Department of Tourism. Since then, he has served as a member of various committees including university planning, university assessment, operating digital media center and library, university promotion, and industrial cooperation. He also carried out various educational projects such as ‘reforming liberal arts courses in KNOU’ and ‘development of a field-oriented educational curriculum for university students.’ Prior to joining KNOU, he was on the faculty at Woosong University at Daejon, Korea.


Currently he serves on the advisory committee for Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea.

In 1993, Dr. Jang received the Korean Government Overseas Grant and earned his doctorate in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University in 1998. He received his master degree in Forest Resources from Seoul National University where he also earned an undergraduate degree.




Prof. Nobuhiro Yasuda

Faculty of Service Management Bunri University of Hospitality,



Paper Title:

A Study of Ecotourism Highlighting Local Food

Work Experience



Japan Travel Bureau, Inc


Bunri University of Hospitality, Professor


Japan Ecotourism Society, Director


Japan Regional Resource Academy, Managing director






Aoyama Gakuin University College of Economics







Date of Birth: 

 24th Nov 1953


-7-3 Iwadokita Komae-shi Tokyo Japan



Mr Roberto P. Cereno Director, Training Center for Tropical Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability (TREES),  University of the Philippines,



Paper Presentation:

Ecotourism: It's More Fun in the Protected Areas of the Philippines


As an affiliate faculty member of the Institute of Renewable Natural Resources, UPLB and the U.P. Open University, Mr. Cereno teaches courses on ecotourism, outdoor recreation, parks and protected areas management. He also organizes and implements seminar workshops and training courses on biodiversity conservation, rainforest ecology, nature education and interpretation.


Mr. Cereno has received citations from various local government units and civil society organizations for his contribution in the development of their environmental and sustainable tourism programs.



Ms Yune-jeang Park,

Senior Researcher,
Environmental Planning Institute,

Seoul National University,



Paper Title:

Preferences for properties of Physical Environment by Eco-tourists’ Travel Pattern


03/2007- Current

PhD. Course PhD course in Landscape Planning, Graduate school of Environmental studies, Seoul National University

03/2001 – 02/2004

Master’s degree in Tourism, Hanyang University,

03/1997 – 02/2001

Yeoung In University Bachelor’s Degrees in Environment Engineering and Tourism






Senior Researcher Environmental Planning Institute, Seoul National University, Korea. Researching on ecotourism and regional planning


Researcher Korean Rural Resource Development Institute . Researching on green tourism and rural planning


Project Manager Hanyang Tourism Research Institute, Korea Conducting a research project on golf resort


Researcher Korean Culture Research Institute. Researching on rural tourism and regional planning



Dr Jamil Jusoh

Senior Lecturer

School of Housing,Building & Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia,



Paper Title:

Transformation of Malaysian coastal tourism. Are developers moving on the right track? Case Study of Penang Island & Tioman Island



Academic Qualifications
• M.Sc (Urban and Regional Planning), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
• B.Sc Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
• Dip. in Land Surveying, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM)
• Dip. in Traffic Planning , University College London (UCL)
• Cert. Infrastructure & Public Facilities Plannning, Obihiro City Council( Japan )

Mr. Jamil joined HBP, USM in 2002. He is a registered Town Planner and prior to joining USM, he has worked in several public and private organizations. In 1977 he served in Kedah/Perlis Survey Department as a Land Surveyor for 3 years. Mr.Jamil later joined Penang City Council in 1984 as a Town Planner involving in the preparations of Local and Structure Plans of Penang Island. His last appointment was with a public listed company, UDA Holdings Berhad, as a Town Planner, Investment Officer, Landscape Superintendent Officer(SO) and as Project Manager. During the period of 16 years with UDA Berhad, his is responsible for the planning , supervision and management of real estate development projects throughout Malaysia . He is actively involved in research and consultancy work related to town planning, tourism development (resorts and parks), infrastructure tourism, real estate and project management.


The forum brings together the real players in the ecotourism supply chain and discuss on the issues and challenges of ecotourism marketing in competitive market areas. Topics will cover current and relevant concerns from marketing channels to revenue streams and from branding to mainstreaming. It will be an interactive and informative forum between panellists and delegates.

Find out more from the successful entrepreneurs and operators in this enlightening and dynamic business forum. 



Mr. Hyun Kim

Director of DMZ Affairs Dept., Gyeonggi Tourism Organization (GTO),


Mr. Hyun Kim has dedicated 15 years of his professional career to the tourism and environmental issues including IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and KNPS (Korea National Park Service). Hyun first joined KNPS as the programme officer in 1997 for 10 years and for 3 years in IUCN Regional Protected Areas Programme as a senior programme officer before joining Gyeonggi Tourism Organization (GTO) in Korea.


Today, as the Director of DMZ Affairs Dept. in GTO, he provides strategic leadership covering a wide spectrum of thematic programmes in terms of DMZ conservation, ecotourism, environmental education and sustainable development. In recognition of Hyun’s long-term experience with IUCN & KNPS in running a national and later IUCN’s largest regional programmes, he has been appointed as the board member & auditor of Ecotourism Korea (EK).


Before joining IUCN and GTO, Hyun was the Senior Programme Officer for KNPS. He has been actively involved in negotiating with governments in implementing international activities and protected areas programmes in Korea. Throughout his career he has remained a special interest in World Heritage, Ecotourism, Protected Areas and Social equity and security, to the extent of undertaking programme activities



Mr. Mohd Amirul Rizal,

Director,Tourism Malaysia Office, Seoul



Presentation Title:

Ecotourism development of Malaysia and eco-attractions


Mohd Amirul Rizal bin Abdul Rahim graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Selangor with a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Industrial and International trade.


His career started in 1999 as Assistant Manager at Asiatic Development Berhad, a subsidiary of Genting Bhd.

2001-2006- Assistant Director at Research Division, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), Kuala Lumpur.

2006-2008 - Director of MTPB Terengganu Office

2008- present - Director at MTPB, Seoul, Republic of Korea



Ms Gauree Malakar

Ecotourism Social Leader



Presentation Title:

Ecotourism in Nepal

Gauri is a passionate social community leader and coordinator having been a facilitator of Training Workshop on Systemic Conflict Transformation organised by National Network of Peace Communicators (NNPC) and Friedrich- Ebert -Stiftung (FES).

She works closely with women NGO groups promoting community sanitation awareness and education outreach programmes as well as contributing to schools that helps to promote environmental awareness. Some of her major achievements included persuading the Bhindrapuri Community Forest Committee and 300 local community members to engage in the Bardiya Green Project, an ambitious grassroot reforestation initiative to plant 10,000 trees in the Bardiya district.

She is also a vocal advocate for environmental conservation and often gave talks on sharing knowledge and information on conservation and biodiversity.


Mr Frans Tumiwa
Founder and Chairman
Lebur Pancawati,

Presentation Title;
Community Based Tourism in Nature and Ecology

President Director of PANCAWATI Private LTD ( a company providing out door training activities to develop and improve human resources in corporations and other organizations , conducted on the principles of experiential learning

* Member of Indonesian Ecotourism Network (INDECON).
* Founding member of Bogor Eco and sustainable Tourism (BEST)
* Board member of National Certification on Ecotourism.
* Board member of Asia Pacific Ecotourism Society (APES)
* Guest lecturer on ecotourism in different national and international meetings as well as in universities.

Founder and owner of “LEMBUR PANCAWATI” , an organization designed for orientation and education of environmental awareness, conservation and ecology, in the Regency of Bogor – West Java, Indonesia. Located in the middle of a rural village setting consisting of 16 Ha of land with indegenenous ethnic architecture Since its inception in 1997, it has served over 350 institutions (private sector, universities, NGOs, education and social sectors A Community Based Tourism by preserving local culture and traditions. Entrepreneurship practices is part of an endeavor to be self supporting in all aspects of activities. Employing over 120 peope from local surrounding areas with an average education of only primary and high school.

* LEMBUR PANCAWATI has received recognition from the Ministry of Tourism and some Universities.




Mr Masaru Takayama
Ecotravel agent/Ecotourism consultant
Spirit of Japan Travel


Presentation Title:

The New Rules of Ecotourism

Mr. Masaru Takayama founded Japan Ecolodge Association (ECOLA), to promote the concept of ecotourism and ecolodge uniting responsible tourism and green buildings in Japan. The environmentally-friendly accommodations standard developed by ECOLA is now recognized by Global Sustainable Tourism Council to bottom up the industry standards in the Japanese marketplace.

Working as a global community-based ecotourism consultant, ecolodge advisor, and responsible tour operator ‘Spirit of Japan Travel’ in Kyoto, Masaru serves a number of key positions in the organizations both home and abroad pertinent to ecotourism and protected areas. - Board member, The International Ecotourism Society.




Mr Tim Badman
Head of the World Heritage Programme at IUCN



Presentation Title:

World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

Tim has been a member of IUCN’s World Commission for Protected Areas since 2002 and has served on IUCN’s World Heritage Panel since 2003, carrying out a range of World Heritage evaluation missions and working as part of the IUCN delegation to the annual UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

He is the focal point for IUCN’s work on earth science within the World Heritage Convention and an adviser to UNESCO`s Global Geoparks Network. Tim was trained as a geologist and countryside manager in Southampton and Manchester (UK). Aside from World Heritage, his career has mainly focussed on coastal zone management and on policy and management of protected landscapes/seascapes (IUCN Category V protected areas).



Mr Mahadi Mohd
Vice President Return2Green Sdn Bhd


Presentation Title:

Eco-packaging Industry Towards Sustainable Eco-tourism

Mahadi holds a BA in Theology & Public Administration from Universiti Malaya and Advance Diploma in Public Administration. He obtained his Masters in Land Resources Management from Universiti Putra Malaysia and Cambridge University. His illustrious career in public administration includes the post of Assistant Director in the Ministry of Land and Cooperative Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


Currently he is the VIce President of Return2Green Sdn Bhd which is a biotech company offering biodegradable packaging to combat plastic and polystyrene in protected area such national park, recreational area and tourist spots.



"Youth & Old" Round Table



Dr. Jong-Geel Je

Co-Chair, Ecotourism Korea & Principal, City and Nature Institute,
Republic of Korea


Dr. Jong Geel Je was attached to Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (KORDI) for 20 years since 1984. He is currently the director of City and Nature Institute and Chairs of Korea Environmental Education Network and Ecotourism Korea.


Born in 1955 at Changwon, the southern coastal city, he was educated at Konkuk University and Seoul National University where he gained his Masters in Animal Taxonomy and Ph D. in Marine Ecology respectively.


His main interest is in marine conservation especially marine protected areas (MPA), environmental education and ecotourism. He has remained actively involved in nature conservation research and has participated extensively in diverse conservation activities. In recent years he has combined his experience in conservation researches as an environmental consultant.


He was a member of the National Assembly from 2004-2008.




              * In the best interest of the conference and delegates, the preliminary programme and invited speakers are subject to change